Open Source | Cloud | Collaboration

WebTop 5

E-mail, calendar, contacts, notes and activities accessible anywhere from Your Web Desktop. Centralized email and company chat. Documents on public and private cloud. Resource sharing.

XStream Collaboration

Server with complete suite of collaboration services for WebTop: mail (SMTP and IMAP), user directory (LDAP), web publishing (HTTP) web application container (J2EE), opensource database (PostgresQL and MySQL).

Software Development on WebTop 5

WebTop 5 open source as a starting point for the development of proprietary applications, both integrated or stand-alone, that re-use authentication, permissions management, web desktops, server and client objects, internal APIs and external REST APIs.

Sonicle WebTop Cloud

All the WebTop5 Collaboration suite tailored and immediately available for your company, fully managed on Sonicle cloud infrastructure at the Milan Mix. Hosting of J2EE, PHP and WordPress applications on PostgresQL and MySQL databases, that can be integrated into collaboration.

XStream Storage

Unified Software-Defined ZFS Storage, Enterprise level scalability. CIFS integration with Active Directory. SMB and NFS sharing. ISCSI and FiberChannel volume management for high availability and virtualization. Snapshots and incremental ZFS native replicas.

XStream NAS

ZFS storage in a NAS type appliance, with snapshots and Windows integration. XStream Storage Enterprise replication device for disaster recovery and high availability. Support for small collaboration servers.