XStreamOS is an illumos kernel distribution, an OpenSolaris derivative.

XStreamOS and XStream Desktop are quickly and easily installed, immediately providing the native ZFS file system, Crossbow network virtualization, iSCSI and Fiber Channel support from COMSTAR, KVM and the native zone / container  virtualizations.
XStream Collaboration and XStream Storage are commercial products based on XStreamOS.


Usb and iso image for installation can be downloaded at the following link:


The system is configured with a privileged sonicle user with password sonicle, to be changed after installation. The sonicle user is automatically configured to use pfexec without  password for privileged commands.
The default IPS publisher is pre-configured for updates and additional packages installation.


Kernel sources are available on GitHub as a fork of the original illumos repository:


Mailing lists

Subscribe to the XStreamOS mailing lists here: http://lists.sonicle.com