WebTop  |  Open Source

WebTop is open source, maintained and released on GitHub, with an AGPL license.

Sources are divided into several Maven sub-projects:

  • A core project implements all the internal APIs used by the installed services, in addition to the framework and the main components of WebTop, from authentication to the administration service, from the permissions management to the user options.
  • Various additional projects implement common libraries, from generic utilities to JavaMail extensions up to CalDAV implementations.
  • 5 projects implement the open source collaboration services: Contacts, Calendar, Mail, Tasks, Cloud.
  • Some parallel projects implement the Java / JavaScript / REST APIs to create new services and interact with each other.
  • Other projects include a customized Sencha ExtJS 6 packaging and various ExtJS extensions, optimized to deliver the modern GUI interface of WebTop.
  • WebTop EAS Server, a specific project containing a Z-Push fork to implement ActiveSync on WebTop for mobile devices.
  • WebTop DAV Server, implementation of CaldDAV and CardDAV server on WebTop

Sources and Resources

The GitHub repository containing all projects:


The gate that contains the build environment:


The bugs management and feature requests portal:


The technical documentation: