Software development

Software development

Sonicle was born as a software development company.

Initially focused on the development of audio streaming solutions, over the years it has created specific products for its customers, such as client / server softwares for remote order acquisition with integration to ERP systems.

Sonicle then specialized in the development of WebTop, adding services and collaboration integration modules, such as PEC Bridge for Italian PEC integration, the WebTop Newsletter service working on csv / excel sources and company databases, the HR time attendance and expenses management as additional WebTop modules.

Solutions have also been implemented with partners to modernize their legacy software by bringing them into WebTop, for example by reusing and transforming legacy Cobol applications inside WebTop as integrated services, then also helping to port Cobol software to java through Veryant’s IsCobol.

We are therefore at your disposal to analyze and develop both specific solutions and new services, integrated to the collaboration of WebTop, always with the aim of making it a web desktop in which you can concentrate and enjoy all your company information.