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Tablet optimized layout

Starting from version 5.3.4, WebTop detects tablet and smartphone devices, delivering a specific layout for optimized experience.

  • [all] - Specific mobile themes are automatically delivered, with larger objects specific for touch devices (e.g. grid rows, tree nodes, windows tools, etc.).
  • [all] - The left tool of every service (e.g. the imap tree) starts in collapsed mode, leaving all the space to the main service area (e.g. inbox grid and preview). The tool can be opened by touching it to access its informations and collapse it again.
  • [all] - For a better experience on smaller screens, every window (e.g. messages, events) starts maximized and can only be minimized (no resize)
  • [all] - Every action button shows only the icon without any text, to condensate toolbars
  • [all] - To support devices without context menu access (e.g. iOS) all the essential actions are available on the service mini-toolbar
  • [all] - Optimized grid columns without state savings to allow reset on login
  • [mail] - Mail preview always at the bottom with optimized sizes for grid and preview areas
  • [mail] - Splitter has no collapse button to avoid undesired effects
  • [mail] - No breadcrumb on top to leave space for action buttons
  • [document] - The document server integration automatically detects and delivers a specific version of the editors for mobile devices