WebTop Contacts Service

Global Contacts configuration settings

Global configuration settings can be changed using the admin interface, as explained in the Global core configuration settings

Settings (defaults)

  • [ none | app | email ]
    Default anniversary reminders delivery mode. Internally defaults to app.
    none: Off.
    app: Reminers are displayed in WebTop application.
    email: Reminders are sent by email.
  • default.category.sync [ O | R | W ]
    Default synchronization status for new contacts categories. Internally defaults to O.
    O: Off, not active.
    R: Enabled, devices can only read.
    W: Enabled, devices can read and write.
  • default.view [ work | home | list ]
    Default view mode used in main contacts list. Internally defaults to work.
    work: Both contacts and contacts list are listed, displaying work related fields.
    home: Both contacts and contacts list are listed, displaying home related fields.
    list: Only contacts list are listed.
    @since: 5.5.0
  • default.showby [ fnln | lnfn | dn ]
    Default field used for displaying contacts. Internally defaults to dn.
    fnln: Contact’s first-name & last-name.
    lnfn: Contact’s last-name & first-name.
    dn: Contact’s display-name.
    @since: 5.7.0

Remote Categories Settings

  • category.remote.autosync.enabled [ true | false ]
    Enable/Disable remote categories auto-sync functionality. Defaults to false.
    @since: 5.3.0
  • category.remote.autosync.onlywhenonline [ true | false ]
    Enable/Disable remote auto-sync only when category’s owner is online. Defaults to true.
    @since: 5.3.0

DAV Settings

  • dav.addressbook.delete.enabled [ true | false ]
    Enable/Disable addressbook deletions through DAV rest-api interface. Defaults to false.
    @since: 5.2.0

Mailchimp Settings

  • mailchimp.apikey [ string ]
    The global Mailchimp API Key for Mailchimp integration.
    Requires a valid license.
    @since: 5.11.1