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We take care of our customers' growth, simplifying their IT infrastructure and, at the same time, making their IT more efficient and flexible. We assist companies in the creation and evolution of their tech structure, allowing them to reap its benefits thanks to the new possibilities opened up by “the cloud” (IaaS, SaaS).

The development of applications continues to be a choice dictated by the evolution of the market and the desire to respond with continuous innovation. About web and mobile, where being always connected to data and email is the key to success, we are making strategic choices in line with the dynamics of the economic and the IT ecosystem.

Today, getting secure access to technology does not necessarily mean a company should own and host infrastructure and software. Small and medium enterprises can in fact benefit from the potential of cloud computing not only thanks to the ease of use, but also to the guarantee of security we offer according to different levels of service.

Whether we define it as a philosophy or a methodology, Open Source is anyway software whose authors allow, but encourage free study and the development made by other independent programmers. Collaboration allows more parties to reach a final product of greater complexity than it might get a single working group.

Our choice therefore stems from the fact that products survive over time, have high spread, reliability and speed of updating, can be used with different operating systems and in different languages. The decision to releases WebTop in open source reflects the desire to be a community of interest, which creates value and that, with the help of users, improves and spreads.