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Sonicle announces the availability of a new release of XStream Desktop, xs153, featuring the latest illumos kernel, as of end of May 2015. The xs154 is in development, adding KVM and LO5.

XStreamOS bootXStream Desktop unites a free, light and modern desktop, with the unique characteristics of the illumos kernel, including a number of preinstalled applications, as Libre Office, Firefox, Thunderbird, Gimp, VLC and more.

Sonicle will continue the effort to add support for more software, publishing them on the public repository, directly accessible from the desktop.

The product is at its 3rd release.

The product can be installed both on physical machines and on virtualized environments, such as VirtualBox or VMware. In this last case, please read the following specific instructions to obtain the best results.


ISO and USB installers can be downloaded here: Desktop/


At the moment, the installer is still text based. We are working on a live CD, with a graphical installer, which will be soon available.

The installer requires the creation of a primary privileged user having root access without password (via pfexec bash), or being able to run administrative tools (like the graphical package manager) without password.

The default packages publisher is preconfigured to receive the next updates and to install new packages.

Installation on VirtualBox

Configure the virtual machine with operative system "Solaris 11 64bit", and at least a 16GB hard disk.
In the video configuration, activate Direct3D. This will be working after Virtual Box Additions are installed.

DO NOT INSTALL ORIGINAL VIRTUAL BOX ADDITIONS: use the downloadable CD we have specifically prepared from vbox sources. This is necessary as XStreamOS Desktop features a newer X11 release that is not supported by the original additions drivers for Solaris.

At the end of installation, after reboot, insert the provided additions CD in the VM, run a terminal on the running desktop, then type the following:

cd /media/VBOXADDITIONS_4.2.18_88780
pfexec pkgadd -d VBoxSolarisAdditions-amd64.pkg

Reboot system to obtain a correct video resolution.

Installation on VMware Player

Configure the virtual machine with operative system "Solaris 11 64bit", and at least a 16GB hard disk.
In the video configuration, remove Direct3D support and select a maximum resolution of 1024x768.
At the moment, higher resolutions may not be correctly displayed on VMware Player.

DO NOT INSTALL ORIGINAL VMWARE TOOLS: please use package manager on the desktop menu program / preferences. Look for and install the open-vm-tools.

Mailing lists

Please submit problems, bugs or any suggestion on our mailing list.
You may register to XStreamOS mailing lists here: